Learning croatianwithout textbooks may seem like a daunting task, but it is actually possible and even fun. In this article we'll look at a few ways to help you learn the language without using textbooks.

Internet resources

Today there are many online resources to help you learn croatian language. These sites have a variety of video lessons, audio recordings, quizzes, assignments, and more. You can choose what suits you best and create your own language learning program. Some popular sites to help you learn croatian language include LinGo, Memrise, Busuu and many others.

Watch movies and TV shows in croatian

Watching movies and TV shows in croatian is a great way to improve your listening and language skills. You can start with movies subtitled in your native language and then move on to movies without subtitles. This method will help you improve your listening and listening comprehension as well as learn new words and phrases.

Listen to music in croatianlanguage

Listening to music in croatian language is another fun way to learn a language. You can choose your favorite songs and enjoy the music and improve your hearing and speech understanding. You can also try to translate the songs into your native language and understand their meaning.

Create your own dictionary

Creating your own dictionary is a great way to improve your vocabulary. You can create lists of new words and phrases you have learned while learning the language and try to use them conversationally. There are many apps and programs to help you create your own vocabulary, such as Anki, Quizlet, Flashcards Deluxe, and more.

Chat with native speakers


One of the best ways to learn to speak croatianis to communicate with native speakers. You can find a conversation partner through specialized sites and applications such as Tandem, HelloTalk, and others. Speaking with native speakers helps you improve your pronunciation, learn to use correct grammar structures, and learn new words and expressions that native speakers use.

Read books in croatian

Reading books in croatian is a great way to improve your vocabulary and reading skills. You can start with simple books, such as children's stories or short stories, and then move on to more difficult books. You can choose books on topics you are interested in and learn new words and phrases in context.

Participate in online courses

There are many online courses on the Internet today to help you learn croatian language. Some are free and some require a paid subscription. You choose the course that suits your level and the time you're ready to spend on learning.

Learning croatianwithout textbooks is possible and can be fun. Using online resources, you can create your own program of study.