If you want to improve your reading skills in croatian, you need to practice reading different types of texts. So what types of texts should you choose in order to get the most benefit and to pump up your proficiency level most effectively?


Reading news articles is one of the easiest and most accessible ways to learn croatian. This type of text contains simple language that is easy to understand, as well as many everyday words and phrases that are found in everyday life.

Scientific articles

Scientific articles are a difficult type of text, but they help you expand your vocabulary and learn more about special topics. Reading scientific articles can be useful for learning specific terms that are used in certain areas of knowledge.


Fiction is another important type of text for learning croatian. It will help you not only improve your reading skills, but also expand your understanding of the culture and history of croatian-speaking countries. Also, reading works of fiction can improve your grammar and written croatian.


Blogs are another easy and fun way to learn croatian. Bloggers usually use informal language that makes it easy to understand the content and not have trouble reading.

Technical Documents

If you are a technical major, reading technical documents can be good for you. These texts contain specific terms that may be useful to learn in the context of your major.

Advertising materials

Advertising materials are another type of text you can use to learn croatian. They contain short phrases used in advertisements that can be useful for everyday life.

Academic articles

If you plan to pursue higher education abroad, reading academic articles can help you prepare for it. These articles contain specific vocabulary that is used in universities and academic papers.

Business literature

Business literature can help you improve your business vocabulary and understanding of how foreign companies work. This can be especially useful if you plan to work abroad or for an international company.

Of course, besides these types of texts in croatian, there are many other sources that you can use to learn the language. The main thing is to choose texts at your level, so you don't lose motivation and interest in the learning process.