Learning englishis not only about speaking and understanding by ear, but also about expressing your thoughts in writing. However, many students find it difficult to write texts in english. In this article, we will look at some tips on how to improve your level of writing in english.

1) Read more in english

Reading is one of the best ways to improve your writing level in english. Read books, articles, news and other materials in englishto improve your vocabulary, grammar and writing style. Try to read a variety of genres and styles of texts to broaden your horizons and writing skills.

2) Practice writing

Reading is important, of course, but practicing writing in english is just as important. Write letters, essays, notes, resumes to learn to express your thoughts more clearly and logically. Remember that written speech requires more accuracy and clarity than oral speech, so try not to rush and carefully check your texts for errors.

3) Use grammar rules

Grammar is the foundation of any language, so it is important to pay enough attention to it when learning english. Use the rules of grammar to build sentences correctly and avoid mistakes. Feel free to use grammar resources and textbooks to get a deeper understanding of the rules.

4) Expand your vocabulary

Good vocabulary is key to successful writing in english. Try to learn new words and their meanings as well as their use in context.

5) Watch movies and TV shows in english

Watching movies and TV shows in englishis a great way to improve your grammar, pronunciation, and understanding of english speech in general. Try to choose movies and shows with subtitles to better understand the meaning of expressions and words.

6) Communicate in english

Nothing is more effective than practice. Communicating in englishis a great way to improve your speaking and writing. Use the language in everyday situations, communicate with native speakers or other students to pump up your skills.

7) Use online resources

There are many online resources that can help you improve your writing skills in english. These can be sites with grammar exercises, online dictionaries, forums and language groups. Feel free to use these resources to further pump up your skills.

So, we've covered some tips on how to improve your writing level in english. Reading, practicing, using grammar rules, expanding your vocabulary, watching movies and TV shows in english, communicating in the language, and using online resources will all help you become more confident in writing in english. Don't forget to practice and enjoy learning the language!