Learning a foreign language can be challenging, especially when it comes to remembering new words. In this article, we'll look at a few techniques to help you remember new words in english.

Use the repetition method.

One of the most effective ways to remember new words is through repetition. Try to use the new word as often as possible in your speech, writing, and reading. This will help cement it in your memory.

Study words in context.

If you are learning a new word, try to understand its meaning in the context of a sentence. It will help you remember not only the word itself, but also how you can use it in speech.

Use the association technique.

Associations are connections between a new word and words or images you already know. Try to associate the new word with something you already know to make it easier to remember.

Use word cards.

Create cards with the words you are learning and use them for repetition. Write the new word on one side of the card and its meaning on the other. Then turn the cards over and try to remember the meaning of each word. Or try our LinGo app, all cards are already available online

Watch movies and shows in english.

Watching movies and shows in englishis a great way to learn new words. Try writing down new words you hear in movies and then repeating them in your speech.

Study words in groups.

Studying new words in groups related by topic can help you remember them better. For example, study words related to technology, sports, or food.


Remembering new words in english is an important step in language learning, and you can make the process more effective and enjoyable with these techniques. Use the repetition method, learn words in context, use the association technique, create word cards, watch movies and TV shows in english and study words in groups. Don't forget to also use various online resources and language learning apps that can offer you interesting tasks and tests.

If you want to improve your english language skills, you should not only memorize new words, but also constantly practice using them in your speech. So feel free to talk to native speakers and put your knowledge into practice. Good luck with learning english!