If you are learning swahili, confidence in speaking may be one of your main goals.

In this article, we'll look at some tips on how to improve your oral proficiency in swahili.

Watch movies and TV shows in swahili

Watch movies and TV shows in swahili: 400;">Watching movies and TV shows in swahilican help you get used to swahili and improve your speaking. Don't forget to use subtitles to better understand pronunciation and expand your vocabulary. Choose movies and shows you enjoy so you can learn with pleasure.

Practice speaking in swahili

Practicing speaking in swahili is key to improving your speaking. Find an interlocutor with whom you can regularly communicate in swahili, such as a friend or teacher. Try to use new words and expressions you've learned to improve your vocabulary and grammar.

Listen to audio in swahili

Listening to audio in swahili is another great way to improve your speaking. Listen to podcasts, radio, audiobooks, and other materials in swahilito improve your pronunciation and listening comprehension. Try to listen to materials that match your proficiency level.

Use a recording technique

Record yourself when you speak swahili to assess your progress and identify mistakes. This can help you understand how you speak and what you look like by ear. You can record your conversations with your interlocutor or just talk to yourself.

Watch videos in swahili

Another useful way to improve your speaking in swahili is to watch videos in swahili. These can be anything from short videos to full-length lectures. Watching videos in swahiliwill help you not only improve your pronunciation and listening comprehension, but also expand your vocabulary.

See language clubs

Language clubs are a great way to practice your speaking in swahili and communicate with native speakers. In such clubs, you can communicate in swahiliwith students and professors, exchange experiences, and ask questions. Language clubs also often have activities and games to help you improve your speaking skills.

Read aloud

Reading aloud in swahili is a great way to improve pronunciation and listening comprehension. Read aloud books, articles, news and other materials in swahili to improve your listening and grammar. Try to read materials that match your level of proficiency.


Improving your oral swahili speaking level is a long-term process that requires constant practice and effort. Follow the above tips and constantly work on your skills to achieve the desired results. Don't forget that the most important thing is not to be afraid to make mistakes and learn from them.