Learning greekis becoming more and more accessible thanks to the possibilities of online learning. There are a lot of greek language learning applications on the market today and it is not easy to choose the best one among them. In this article we take a look at a few of the most popular apps for learning greek and explain what makes them so appealing.

LinGo Play – this is one of the most popular apps for learning foreign languages, including greek. The application has a simple and straightforward interface and offers a variety of exercises to consolidate knowledge. LinGo provides a system of rewards and achievements that motivates users to practice regularly and helps them achieve their goals faster.

Babbel– is an app for learning foreign languages, including greek, that aims to help users reach a practical level of language proficiency. Babbel offers exercises that focus on everyday communication, as well as the ability to communicate with native speakers.

Duolingo – is a language learning app, including greek, that uses interactive learning methods such as games, pictures and videos. Duolingo also offers training through memorizing words and phrases at a subconscious level, which helps users quickly grasp new knowledge.

Rosetta Stone – is a language learning app, including greek, that uses a full immersion language methodology. The app does not use translations, phrases and words are taught in context and without translation into the native language. Rosetta Stone also offers instruction in speaking, writing, and reading.

Busuu -a handy app for learning languages, including greek. Interactive lessons, pronunciation practice and quizzes to check your knowledge.

Memrise – a fun and engaging application that lets you learn greeklanguage in a fun way.

FluentU– an app with a large library of greek videos for different levels of difficulty.

HelloTalk; an app for communicating with native greek speakers who help you learn the language.

Tandem-an app for communicating with native greek speakers that helps you improve your language through communication.

As you can see from this review, there are many online applications to learn greek, each with different features and benefits. The choice of application depends on the personal preferences and goals of the user. However, these apps will help you learn quickly and achieve good results in a fraction of the time you need.