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English language for beginners

English for beginners

Learning English usually takes time, and you have to be patient with yourself. Using LinGo Play can speed up your English learning process and help you reach your goals faster than you think. We've found online learning opportunities for you that are especially well-suited for beginners.

Identify the best time to learn new English words and phrases. Plan your lessons in a way that doesn't create roadblocks in your schedule. With the LinGo Play app, you don't need long breaks from school or office to become a pro in the language.

English for beginners
English at the intermediate level

English language at the intermediate level

English at the intermediate level

You pick up new English words and enhance your English vocabulary. The LinGo Play app also helps you in honing your listening skills. Your brain needs to get used to the language, and the process demands time. The most suitable way become an expert in English is to get the verbs right. In case you don't have enough time for presence lessons, and you are hell-bent on learning the language, there's also an easy and effective solution: the online LinGo lessons. In the online version, you will get access to a list of English lessons. All you need to do is pick the one that best suits your requirement.

In the case of our online English course for learners belonging to the intermediate level, you will develop better control of your English vocabulary. And, guess what the best thing about the online courses is? You can take them from any corner of the world, at any time that suits your schedule.

English language at the advanced level

English at the advanced level

There's no end to getting better! There's always a scope to improve. Don't worry if you are going slow, be proud of what you've achieved and the level you are at. Why bother when there is always room for betterment? To hit the advanced level, you need to push yourself beyond the scope of learning English and make necessary changes in your schedule to focus on what you're doing. With LinGo, you can practice English online whenever you wish to. The secret to learning efficiently and effortlessly is focusing on how to use the natural English resources instead of wasting time on learning English out of the box.

In case you already know a foreign language or are bilingual by birth, you may save yourself quality time as you learn English language with LinGo. Wondering why we mentioned bilinguals? Several studies have shown that bilinguals find it easy to learn a third language as they have a natural flair for being exposed to different languages. Fluency and skills that come with one language help you in acquiring the other.

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Learn English online

English for beginners and advanced level

LinGo Play is a free of cost mobile app that can help you learn English online. It caters to learners belonging to different levels such as beginner, intermediate, and advanced. Using LinGo Play, you can grasp English language quickly and effortlessly. With the LinGo app by your side, you'll get access to over 600 courses that include words, phrases, flashcards, practice exercises, tests, competitions, and much more. You can also get rewarded with a certificate once you've completed all the English language lessons successfully.

LinGo Play is an interactive English tutorial for beginners as well as advanced learners. We don't expect you to have any knowledge about the English language at all. The first thing that is critical to learning English is understanding the basics of the language. Simple dialogues can help you learn the language fast and efficiently. If you are an advanced learner, LinGo can assist a great deal in refreshing your existing knowledge. You will learn sentences that are used in everyday life. Pick LinGo Play to learn English language in just a few days, not months or years. Download the LinGo Play app at no cost and enjoy learning English language on your iOS and Android device. The app offers 33 different language courses, including Asian and European languages. You can learn as many languages as you wish to!

The exercises that are a part of the LinGo vocabulary training app are segmented on the basis on topics. Using the LinGo Play app, you can test your grammar and vocabulary. The app will introduce to you new words before moving on to complicated sentences and discussions. You'll be delighted to know that the app also comes with an exciting "online tournaments" feature that allows you to utilise the new words that you've learnt against players from different countries. If you are looking for free-language learning, we bet there's nothing better than LinGo Play. With LinGo Play, you can also take offline courses and become an expert in more than one foreign language.

There are over a hundred short lessons in every language to help you grasp the extensive vocabulary easily and understand a broad spectrum of topics. The app also comes with over 15 added features to help you learn the languages more efficiently and smoothly. The following items are covered in the LinGo language course: Education, Business, People, Home, Nature, Animals, Science, Sports and Tourism, Food, Appliances, Furniture, Beauty and Health, Medicine, as well as many other topics...

Using the LinGo language learning app, you can smoothly sail through the language learning barriers and learnt the most robust foreign languages in no time. Join hands with LinGo app and experience how you can learn English language fast and easily. No, we are not kidding! All you need to do is spend a mere 10-15 minutes with the app every day. LinGo Play app will make sure you enhance your English vocabulary with poise.

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Learn English language with LinGo Play. Try it!