Learning hungarian is an important task for many people, but it's not always possible to attend courses or hire a teacher. In this case, language learning apps can be a great solution. One of the best self-paced language learning apps is LinGo Play.

LinGo Play is a powerful and easy to use language learning application created by professional linguists and teachers. It is based on a communicative grammar method that allows users to learn not only how to speak hungarian correctly, but also how to understand, read and write.

With LinGo Play you can:

  • Learn hungarian on any device: Available on computers, smartphones and tablets with iOS and Android.
  • Learn hungarian anytime: Available 24/7.
  • Learn hungarian at any level: It's suitable for beginners and advanced users alike.
  • Learn interactively: The app has interactive exercises, quizzes, assignments and more.
  • Enrich your listening comprehension: Hear and repeat audio and video clips in hungarian and you'll improve your listening comprehension significantly.
  • Perform conversational practice: You can do activities and exercises to develop conversational skills.
  • Check your progress: The app tracks your progress and displays the results in a handy spreadsheet to show you which skills you're improving and which ones need more practice.

In summary, LinGo Play is a great choice for those who want to learn hungarian on their own. This mobile application offers a wide range of online lessons, learning materials and practice exercises to develop your grammar, pronunciation and vocabulary. Thanks to its user-friendly interface and flexibility, LinGo Play can be used by beginners and advanced students alike.